Wednesday, March 28, 2012

College Update

I have exciting news!!!!!  In chronological order:

I got accepted to study flute performance at Plymouth State University!

I got accepted to the flute performance program at UNH... still waiting to be accepted to the actual school....

I was contacted by Barry University in Miami, FL.  They said I qualify for a great scholarship package as long as I keep my grades good, both in high school and in college.  I emailed a few recordings of myself to the flute teacher there.  We also had a Skype interview; she was really friendly and helpful and said my recordings sounded great.  I think we ended up chatting for almost an hour.  She directed me to to find some scholarships and showed me the sunny, tropical view from the balcony of her apartment.  (JEALOUSY!  It's 31*F right now!)  She also mentioned that there's about four beaches within 15 minutes of Barry U.  

I've applied to Barry U. and sent my audition recording and am now waiting to hear back.  I wouldn't mind spending four years in a tropical locale... it certainly would make homework less stressful!

I applied to BYU-I.  I had originally not really wanted to go there, because a lot of people from my area and my church congregation are there/are going there next year and I like to go against the grain.  Then I saw how cheap the tuition is compared to the other schools I've applied to and I changed my mind right away!

I spent hours feverishly working on an online portfolio required by my high school, only to find out that all the colleges that want my portfolio require a hard copy.... and the online portfolio looked really crappy when I tried printing it out.   So I had to work even more feverishly to put together a paper version.  My mom bound it and mailed copies off to BYU-I and SVU on Monday.  Hopefully, they'll get it by the end of this week; they're going to use it to determine my acceptance and any academic scholarships.  Keep your fingers crossed that they accept me and decide to give me big scholarships - I'm going to need every penny I can get!

Aaaaaaand finally... the REALLY BIG NEWS:
SVU has awarded me their highest music scholarship: $2,000/year for 4 years!  EEEEEEK! I'm so excited!  (Now I just have to wait to be accepted, haha)

Also, the flute director called and told my mom how much they want me, that she "calls dibs" on me for flute choir - even though the orchestra will want me, she gets me first - and was asking if I am interested in mostly focusing on alto flute because they don't have a strong alto player right now.  

I just got a custom key on my main performing flute, so alto probably won't be my main instrument, but I'm really pumped that she wants me to work with it so much!  The other schools I've looked at either do very little with alto flutes, or nothing at all.

Things like this give me a boost just when I'm feeling down about all my homework and nonexistent social life.

Have a great week everyone! :D


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Lots and lots of good news. :)

  2. Thanks Julia! I heard a letter of some sort is on its way from UNH - we're hoping it's an acceptance letter with a scholarship offer! *fingers crossed*