Writing Software and Programs

*Note: I use Windows 7.  If you use Mac, some of these programs may not work for you.*

While you can write just fine on a napkin or in Wordpad, some people prefer a special program to keep them focused and organized.  
Celtx is a software for writing scripts and novels, planning productions, and more.
My favorite features:
~Easy to use
~Has a multitude of uses: novels, TV scripts, play scripts, comic books, and more. 
~Automatic formatting
~Cloud storage and syncing

>Windows only<
Darkroom is a program for writers needing to eliminate distractions while trying to channel their creative side.
My favorite features:
~Customizable view.
~It offers nothing in the way of distractions!

Write or Die: putting the "prod" in productivity.
There's a $10 downloadable version and a free online version.
Put in a time limit or a word goal, and choose your punishment style.

*NOTE: the program does NOT save your work! After you meet your goal or time runs out, copy and paste your writing into your own text editor (like Word). The program's purpose is to make you be productive and stop you from going back to edit instead of writing new material.

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